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Course Topics

  • Introduction to electronics, package types, and component identification
  • Interconnect types and design (GPIO, SPI, I2C, JTAG, etc.)
  • Identifying flash chip types and methods to extract their contents
  • Analysis and extraction of flash image contents
  • Vulnerability analysis with unpacked firmware image
  • Introduction to MIPS dis/assembly
  • Embedded code emulation
  • Introduction to MIPS stack overflows
  • MIPS stack overflow exploitation techniques
  • Return to libc in MIPS
  • Return oriented programming in MIPS
  • Firmware modification

20 Responses to Training

  1. magxtopher says:

    Can I attend your course online?
    I lives in Tokyo.
    However I grab your info from forum.
    Good luck.

  2. fostro says:

    Can I take your course online?
    or something…

  3. Can we expecting a webcam feed? 😉

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  5. Sebastian says:

    Please make DVD with this course … I promise that I will buy it 😉

  6. Colton says:

    Also would be interested in doing this course remotely..

  7. avi says:

    Our company is interested in a remote learning sessions

  8. denwilly says:

    Are there any books available?

  9. Anton says:

    Hi Craig,

    thanks for the really gread training here. I hope you had a good homeward journey. See you next time!

  10. Raphael Michael says:

    Where do I sign for the class?

  11. Amrik Singh says:

    give brief knowledge of the course

  12. Mempi says:

    I also would like to buy and take the lesson online.

  13. Rasheed says:

    while reaver attack in backtrack 5 r2 i am geting this message “WARNING: Detected AP rate … – did not match any documents. please help

  14. Victor says:

    Any chance of having remote lessons ?

  15. Vitor de Miranda Henrique says:

    Hi! I just found this website and it is amazing, as an engineer and a software developer on my free time I’m studding as a hobbyist and this is a great material.
    Do you by any change published part of this training as ebooks? It would be amazing. I don’t have time to participate on a 5 days training but i would gladly buy your books if you have.

  16. Jim Kelly says:

    Kudos on an excellent course description. I particularly like the section marked “Prerequisites” as it gives a realistic picture of what you need in order to get your money’s worth out of the course. I don’t meet the prerequisites so you saved me wasted time/money…thanks. I wish more vendors were as forthcoming.

  17. tooth fairy says: seems to be compromised… fyi

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