Baudrate is a tool to help quickly identify the baud rate of an unknown serial device. It displays received data from a serial device while allowing the user to change the baud rate of their host system’s serial port on the fly.


A collection of tools and scripts to assist in analyzing bFLT binaries distributed with ucLinux, including an IDA bFLT loader.


Binwalk is a firmware analysis tool designed to assist in the analysis, extraction, and reverse engineering of firmware images and other binary blobs. It is simple to use, fully scriptable, and can be easily extended via custom signatures, extraction rules, and plugin modules.


An IDA plugin to graph all paths between two functions.


IDAScript is a wrapper around IDA Pro that makes it easy to automate the execution of IDA scripts against target files from the command line. Scripts written for use with idascript can also be run manually in IDA’s GUI without any code change.

IDA Scripts/Plugins

A collection of IDA scripts and plugins useful during firmware RE.


Libmpsse is a library for interfacing with SPI/I2C devices via FTDI’s FT-2232 family of USB chips. Based around the libftdi library, it is written in C and includes a Python wrapper courtesy of swig.

5 Responses to Tools

  1. Gerry Van Winkle says:

    Really Looking forward to seeing the EVE virtual machine and the associated tools. 🙂

  2. 3mrgnc3 says:

    Great site.
    I’m jusy getting into Embeded RE.
    I tried to follow the links on the tools page, but found that all the links are broken and just give the googlecode 404.

    Thanks for yourhard work.

    All the best.


  3. tek says:

    what is wps pin of 1C:5F:2B:O6:AC:BO

  4. Eftichios says:

    Hello. The link for the Binwalk is not working. Can you fix it please!? Thank you

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