Adding Hyperlinks to IDA HTML Files With IDAnchor

IDA can export disassembled data in a variety of formats, including HTML. However, the HTML output is difficult to navigate as there are no hyperlinks connecting any of the code cross references. This is a bit frustrating, so I wrote IDAnchor.

IDAnchor will take an HTML file generated by IDA and attempt to locate functions and code references in the file. It then adds anchor tags to each location and hyperlinks all cross references together for easy navigation. It also adds a function navigation table for easily jumping to a desired function:

IDAnchor Example Output

IDAnchor is still very much beta code, but so far it works for me!

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One Response to Adding Hyperlinks to IDA HTML Files With IDAnchor

  1. ut0 says:

    i have been trying to use idanchor for a while but i did not understand which should be the exact command line.

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