Binwalk v0.3.7 Released

Just cut a new release of binwalk, now with Mac OSX support!

In addition to bug fixes and new magic signatures, binwalk no longer relies on the libmagic library; instead, it builds against the file utility’s source code. This removes additional dependencies for the end user, helps to resolve potential variances in libmagic’s operation between different distributions, and eases porting to systems that don’t have the libmagic library.

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7 Responses to Binwalk v0.3.7 Released

  1. leon says:

    binwalk is the awesome!

  2. nice says:

    COFF ARM isn’t recognized 🙁

  3. Craig says:


    That’s the beauty of binwalk, it’s very easy to create your own signatures for file types that aren’t already in the magic.binwalk file. Remember though, COFF signatures are typically 2 bytes long so they are ignored by default; use the ‘-a’ or ‘-i coff’ arguments to include them.

    The file utility’s magic file is compatible with binwalk too, so you can always use that. I know there are some MIPS COFF signatures in file’s magic file, but I don’t see any specific to ARM.

    What does the file utility recognize your COFF ARM file as?

  4. nice says:

    Sorry. I did not use the -a switch, so that might be the reason.
    The coff was embedded so the fike utility said data.

    • Craig says:

      nice, let me know if that helps. There aren’t any ARM specific COFF signatures in the magic.binwalk file, nor in the file utility’s magic file so you still might not find anything.

      Do you know for sure that there is an ARM COFF file in your firmware image and that it is not compressed/obfuscated? If so, can you extract the COFF file from the image and then run file against it to see if the file is recognized?

  5. binoopang says:

    Thank you for support Mac os x !!

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