Reverse Engineering a DTV Converter

I have an old DTV converter sitting around gathering dust, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look inside:

Inside the DTV Converter

As you can see, there’s not much there: a Thomson TV tuner, an IR receiver, 32MB of RAM and a 2MB flash chip (on the underside of the board). What really makes this interesting though is the LGDT1111 SoC; this is a DTV chip manufactured by LG, so it’s a little different than the Broadcom/Atheros/Ralink/etc SoCs found in a lot of other consumer devices. It is very popular with many DTV converters though, so determining its CPU architecture and reversing the underlying firmware could be interesting.

Digging around on the Internet turned up a nice block diagram of the LGDT1111 (courtesy of MVPtek):

LGDT1111 Block Diagram

The MVPtek web site states that the SoC uses an “AMR926EJ-STM” controller…could they mean an ARM926EJ-STM? Hmmm…

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