Binwalk 0.4.2 Release

Binwalk v0.4.2 has just been released. One of the major drawbacks to binwalk in the past has been scan time, which can take quite a while on larger files. Thanks to some user-supplied suggestions, I’m happy to say that scan times have been improved by several orders of magnitude; scans that previously took 10+ minutes now finish in just 30 seconds!

Some new search options have been added as well, one of my favorites being –raw-bytes. This option allows you to specify a sequence of bytes to search for without having to create a custom entry in the magic file:

$ binwalk --raw-bytes="abcdefg" firmware.bin
$ binwalk --raw-bytes="\x00\x01\x02\x03" firmware.bin

Get the 0.4.2 release here.