MiniDNS: The Simplest DNS Server

When you’re setting up a device for testing, sometimes you need to set up a DNS server. And when you do, you don’t want to be messing around with DNS configuration files.

MiniDNS is a very simplistic DNS server that responds to all DNS queries with a single IPv4 address. Just provide it with the IP address you want requests to resolve to, and you’re up and running:

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3 Responses to MiniDNS: The Simplest DNS Server

  1. testbeta says:

    thanks for the info! could the mobile web server for Nokia be revived? i was digging it up but couldn’t go any further

  2. ProjectX says:

    Thanks for the information brother…This tool is cool

  3. Max Chan says:

    This server works only when you want to intercept DNS requests. If you want to enforce this even when the target product have hard coded DNS servers like, or if you just need to log all DNS traffic, some iptables trickery is required on your router,

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